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Wapsi SLF Prism
Wapsi SLF Prism
In Stock (5 pcs)

Wapsi SLF Prism Dubbing features a blend of fine synthetic fibers and flashy prism materials. This unique combination creates a dazzling effect that mimics the natural...

bug hare dub natural hare

This blend of hare and SLF makes a great dubbing.

wapsi ostrich herl black
Wapsi Ostrich Herl
In Stock (3 pcs)

Ostrich herl is prized for its softness, durability, and natural translucency, making it perfect for creating tails, bodies, and wing cases on a variety of fly patterns. Its...

wapsi slf dubbing dave whitlock dark stone nymph

Wapsi SLF Dubbing, developed by Dave Whitlock, is an excellent material for fly tying that adds lifelike colors and textures to flies

Wapsi Deer Belly Hair
Wapsi Deer Belly Hair
In Stock (5 pcs)

Belly hair has a slightly different texture than body hair and lacks mottling so it can be dyed to a vibrant color or bleached white.

wapsi natural furs
from €5,62

Unique and obscure 100% natural fur.

wapsi squirrel dub dark olive
Wapsi Squirrel Dub Packets
In Stock (>5 pcs)

This blend of spikey squirrel and SLF makes a super dubbing that will make your flies come alive!

Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Tail 1 Pair

Get high-quality feathers for your fly tying with the Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Tail. This package includes 1 pair of pheasant tails, perfect for creating realistic and effective...

wapsi hares feet snowshoe natural white

Whether you're targeting trout, salmon, grayling, or other species, these snowy white feet mimic the look of natural prey, giving you the upper hand in fooling even the most...


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